Ergo Glass™ 360° Continuous Pneumatic Rotation Ergo Glass™ 360° Continuous Pneumatic Rotation
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Ergo Glass™ 360° Continuous Pneumatic Rotation

Binar Handling AB
LIFTING CAPACITY: 65/96/116/162/230 KG
The Ergo Glass™ end effector that, when integrated with Quick-Lift System™, meets the highest standards of ergonomics, working environment, safety and efficiency.
Easy to use, thanks to outstanding responsiveness, regardless of load weight. High cost efficiency through built in energy save function, high reliability and long durability.

The sensitive manoeuvre handle provides the operator a precise and controlled movement of the glass panel.

The Ergo Glass™ 360° Continuous Pneumatic Rotation is originally equipped with two round Ø180mm shaped suction cups for flat surfaces. Can be customized with other dimensions and types of suction cups.

The modular design of the vacuum suction interface creates unlimited possibilities for customized solutions.

Maximum security due to a combination of sound and visual alarms activated in case of pressure drop or lack of vacuum.

With integrated “anti-drop” and energy saving as standard this end effector provides a first class solution.
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Technical data

  • Binar Handling AB
  • Ergo Glass end effectors
Air Supply
  • Clean dry air, pressure 6-8 bar
End Effector's weight
  • 58 kg / 128 lbs
  • Max depending on lifting capacity.
Lifting Capacity
  • Glass panels: 65/96/116/162kg depending on the configuration of the suction cups.
Main functions
  • Standard equipped with two round suction cups, more suction cups and Ø can be added or changed for customization.
  • Equipped with pneumatic controlled continuous rotation, in both directions, including pneumatic adjustable center of gravity.
  • The control handle provides a logic and simple interface for the operator for up and down movement as well as pushbuttons for grip and release of the glass panels.
  • The control box at the top provides settings to adjust speed depending on the application.
  • 2 suction cups with a safety factor of 4.
  • Both audio (buzzer) and visual (red lamp) indication when insufficient vacuum or air pressure.
  • Up movement is automatically restricted when too low vacuum is detected.
  • Load is continuously supervised by the Quick-Lift and can only be released once the end effector is landed on the surface.


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